Home Sweet Home: Day Two


All right, we’ve had a great Day One, and now it’s time for Round Two. As Gill and I both said yesterday, there may be some overlap because we’re hosting from two different time zones, but on the upside, we’re the blogathon that never stops. No matter when you read this, one of us will be up and lurking. 😉

As always, if anyone missed Day One, they can see those entries here.

Okay, time to get going. Lay some on us, guys…

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Movies Meet Their Match kicks things off with a review of 1947’s Life With Father.


Kayla from Whimsically Classic takes us on a house tour of the Brady abode.

Summer Days with Coo_3b

Barry at Cinematic Catharsis brings us our second anime: 2007’s Summer Days With Coo.


Here’s my first review of the blogathon: 1992’s Far and Away.


Dick from The Oak Drive-In has this look at the 1967 horror-fest, Our Mother’s House.


Terence at A Shroud of Thoughts brings us this review of 2003’s Secondhand Lions.


Charity at The Sacred In the Secular gives us her thoughts on the TV series, Lark Rise To Candleford.


Paul from Pfeiffer Films and Meg Movies visits the classic Michelle Pfeiffer vehicle, One Fine Day.


Kristen at KN Winiarski Writes gives her thoughts on the beloved Frank Capra perennial, You Can’t Take It With You.


Le from Crítica Retrô visits Jackie Onassis’s relatives in the 1975 documentary, Grey Gardens.


Scampy at The Spirochaete Trail reviews the 1996 film, Fly Away Home.


Diana at dbmoviesblog gives her thoughts on the 2001 German-language movie, Nowhere In Africa.


Debbie at Moon Over Gemini brings us the 1986 Mr. Blandings remake, The Money Pit.

Thanks, everyone. Looking forward to seeing more…

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