The Home Sweet Home Blogathon Has Arrived


We have arrived, folks. Are you ready for all of this home and family stuff? All the warm fuzzies, the dysfunction, the foibles, the terms of endearment? And, at the risk of of looking mushy, the laughter and tears?

Now that you’re primed, or maybe cringing, let’s do this. Gill and I are ready to add our lovely participants’ posts as soon as we get them. And if we don’t add your post today we will stick it on Day Two, or Day Three as the case may be. As Gill mentioned, she and I are in two different time zones so there may be some overlap or duplication as far as what days have what posts. It’s all good, though.

All righty, here we go…


Gill at Realweegiemidget Reviews starts us off with this review of 1986’s Heartburnbased on Nora Ephron’s novel of the same name.

John at Tales From the Freakboy Zone looks at the 1989 film, Parents, a cautionary tale about deceptive appearances.

Chris at Angelman’s Place brings us his take on the 1944 tour-de-force, Since You Went Away.

Carol at The Old Hollywood Garden goes international with her review of 1954’s La Strada.

Ernie at Until The Lights Go Up brings us our first anime with his thoughts on 2009’s Summer Wars.

Rich at Wide Screen World peers in the windows of the craziest house in the world with a review of 2018’s Winchester.


Paddy Lee, also known as Caftan Woman, looks at the 1937 film, Make Way For Tomorrow.

J-Dub at Dubsism goes west with his review of the 1971 John Wayne vehicle, Big Jake.

Emily at The Flapper Dame looks at the recent familial TV series, A Place To Call Home.


The nice folks at The Craggus are here to recommend 1993’s Coneheads.

Thanks, all. Keep ’em coming!

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