Day Two of the Fake Teenager Festivus


We’re back for Day Two, all! Hope everyone’s been enjoying our event so far. Plus it’s now the weekend, plus some of us are just starting Thanksgiving vacation (woo hoo!), so the odds are good we all feel pretty relaxed, right?

If anyone’s just joining us, Day One’s entries can be found here. And now, on with Day Two…

Ruth from Silver Screenings starts us off with 1958’s The Blob, starring a not-teenage Steve McQueen.

Lobby card - Genius' basement lab from Village of the Giants (1965)

Brian from Films From Beyond the Time Barrier brings us his thoughts on 1965’s Village of the Giants.


Here’s my post about the 1946 film, High School Hero, which has to be seen to be believed.

Le from Crítica Retrô gives us her take on the 1919 film, Phil For Short.

Keep ’em coming, and again, depending on when you read this, see you tomorrow for Day Three!

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