The Hardys Take Manhattan

Anything that can go wrong... MGM made sixteen Andy Hardy films. It might sound funny to us today, but movie serials were the thing before the advent of TV, and the Hardy movies were easy and quick to shoot because they used the same sets and mostly the same cast every time. Plus the stories … Continue reading The Hardys Take Manhattan

Smile Politely And Stab Cleanly

We all know how much Bette Davis loved heavy, meaty, dramatic roles, and her turn as Regina Giddens in 1941's The Little Foxes sure gave her something to sink her teeth into. I tried watching this movie on the plane to South Dakota last summer, but there was no sound and the remote was in the … Continue reading Smile Politely And Stab Cleanly

I Am Woman, Hear Me Quote RomComs

I'm middle-aged. I freely admit it. *ducks sheepishly behind laptop monitor* Seriously, though, the forties don't seem to be very different from the thirties, other than the looming spectre of menopause for women, and the decade can even have some perks. A lot of us forty-somethings feel more comfortable in our own skin and care … Continue reading I Am Woman, Hear Me Quote RomComs

One Month Until the Aviation In Film Blogathon

We already have thirty days to go. Wow. I feel like I just announced this thing, guys. Time flies and all that stuff. Yes, pun intended. 🙂 And wow, your enthusiasm is awesome. We already have a great variety of films, genres and eras in our roster, which I'm looking forward to reading during our … Continue reading One Month Until the Aviation In Film Blogathon

During World War Two: With A Little Help From My Friends

After Britain and Germany declared war in 1939, there were roughly two years in which America, for all intents and purposes, laid low. Sort of. Not really. The first Neutrality Act was signed by Franklin Delano Roosevelt on August 31, 1935, and it would be renewed several times over the next few years. The Act … Continue reading During World War Two: With A Little Help From My Friends

The Play’s the Thing

Mr. Holden's back... By 1943 William Holden had been in films for five years, and his roles were steadily growing in size and importance. It's ironic that one of his movies from that year was Young And Willing, about green-as-grass hopefuls trying to break into show business. The movie feels like something we've seen before, only … Continue reading The Play’s the Thing

Shamedown #4: Bank Alarm

Another Shamedown already? Kidding, it's all good. If anyone is just joining us and wants to know what the heck a Shamedown is, please click here. And now, on with our show... It's with a little bit of trepidation that I posted my Shamedown list this year, because I put a lot of Poverty Row … Continue reading Shamedown #4: Bank Alarm

MGM In Space

Who here has seen 1956's Forbidden Planet? While it's definitely not the first sci-fi flick, this movie's one of the game-changers and a pretty unusual film for MGM. Even people who don't usually care for older films should watch this one because it's chock-full of tried-and-true tropes. The real buffs will no doubt notice more … Continue reading MGM In Space

All the Old Knives (And A Few Spoilers)

I always hesitate the slightest bit when reviewing original content from Amazon, because on one hand it makes me feel like a shill. On the other, original content is big business right now and for the foreseeable future, and anyway, being an Affiliate doesn't preclude me giving an honest review. *rubs hands impishly* All the … Continue reading All the Old Knives (And A Few Spoilers)

Page To Screen: Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew is iconic to say the least. She's OG. She's been a teenager way longer than Bart Simpson has been a ten year old and has been inspiring readers, boys and girls alike, for decades. She has a very deep bag of tricks at her disposal. Codebreaking? Nancy's on it. Deductive reasoning? No problem. … Continue reading Page To Screen: Nancy Drew

Spies Among Us

Miss Day is back... Doris Day didn't spend her entire career at Warner Bros. She also made a few movies at MGM, and one of them was 1966's The Glass Bottom Boat. Oh golly, this is a good movie for April first, although it's not Miss Doris's best. Strangely...appropriate. Jenny Nelson (Doris Day) works for … Continue reading Spies Among Us