The Atticus and Boo Blogathon Wrapup


We have come to the end of the blogathon, friends, and if anyone else felt like this event crept up on them, I totally get it. Things creeping up has become a daily or weekly occurance this year. Sigh.

Of course, if anyone has any late posts, please feel free to send them to me and I’ll add them to the roster. It’s all good.

I kept thinking this weekend about what it is that people like about Robert Duvall and Gregory Peck, and the trend seems to be this: They’re both very strong, steady actors who project a nice balance of accessibility and charisma. They’re the sort of guys who would be fun to hang out with and swap stories.

Many thanks to everyone who signed up and participated in this blogathon! It was a blast to put on and to watch happen, and I hope everyone enjoyed paying tribute to these two great actors. I can’t wait to read your great posts–you all rock. 🙂

All righty, see you on Wednesday with a new Page To Screen. Thanks for reading…

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