Broadway Bound 2019: Curtain Call


And now it’s time for the curtain to fall on our blogathon and our lovely bloggers to take their bows. It’s been a whirlwind, hasn’t it? Musicals have also been quite the thing this year, too.

I apologize for some of the links not working at first, and I hope everyone got to read everything that caught their eye (Here are Days One, Two, and Three, just in case). I’m looking forward to reading all of your wonderful posts!

Speaking of which, if anyone has any late entries, I’ll be posting them here as I get them, so keep checking back for some last tastes of our 2019 Broadway jaunt.

Speaking of which…

On the Set of New York

In the Good Old Days of Classic Hollywood takes us to the Avenue in Easter Parade.

Roger Ebert

Far out, man! The Wonderful World of Cinema looks at the buddy story, Hair.

Senses of Cinema

Poppity Talks Classic Film…and Broadway veteran Vincente Minnelli.

Thanks again to everyone for participating–your enthusiasm means so much! It might sound corny, but give yourselves a round of applause! I hope we can do this again next year!

Okeydokey, a new Page To Screen is on the way tomorrow…

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