Bigger Fatter, And More Greek

My Big Fat Greek Wedding seemed fine on its own. Oh sure, there was the short-lived, ill-fated TV series, My Big Fat Greek Life, but the characters were at their best in the original film. Still, when a sequel came along in 2016, there didn't seem to be any complainers. I know I sure didn't. How did … Continue reading Bigger Fatter, And More Greek

Five Reasons To See “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”

We're here, guys... Remember My Big Fat Greek Wedding? Who doesn't, right? The film started life as a one-woman play about Nia Vardalos's experiences growing up Greek in Manitoba, and came to the big screen after Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson saw Vardalos perform in Los Angeles. This was 2002's Little Movie That Could, because how … Continue reading Five Reasons To See “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”