Shamedown #2: The Hidden Fortress

Our second dose of Shame! As usual, if anyone would like to know what a Shamedown is, the deets can be found on CinemaShame's website. All righty, then, here we go... The 1958 film, The Hidden Fortress is rather notorious because of its pedigree as a Kurosawa film and being one of George Lucas's inspirations for … Continue reading Shamedown #2: The Hidden Fortress

Lord of the Mushrooms

I like mushrooms. Do you? Well, certain kinds, anyway. Cremini. Lobster. Button. Shiitake. Oyster. I'm not picky. The usual rule of thumb, of course, is that it's a bad idea to eat strange mushrooms because they can be potentially deadly or at least cause weird hallucinogenic effects. Eating mushrooms growing out of a decrepit shipwreck … Continue reading Lord of the Mushrooms

Observe the Ramen

Who doesn't like ramen? The instant kind is the food of college students and those on budgets. And everyone else, because we just can't leave ramen behind. There are a million ways to make it and dress it up, not to mention there are tons of different brands and restaurants out there. To the Japanese, … Continue reading Observe the Ramen