The Face On the Lunchbox

There have been a lot of famous last words spoken throughout history. John Lennon's aunt famously told him, "A guitar is nice, but you'll never make a living with it." Neville Chamberlain waved the Munich Pact and declared "Peace in our time." The Titanic was called "unsinkable." Then there's this little gem: "I'm telling you, this is … Continue reading The Face On the Lunchbox

“Is Good. We Do Not Have To Go To the Bank.”

Today my son started fourth grade (yipe), and you know what that means: Time to study state history. In our case, that of course is California, which I love, and I'm excited because we've got a ton of history right in our own backyard. Our curriculum looks fairly awesome, too. Besides a Friday class at our … Continue reading “Is Good. We Do Not Have To Go To the Bank.”

In Memoriam

As you know, Harper Lee died yesterday. Wow, I don't know where to begin here. What can I say that doesn't seem like plagiarism? I feel like paraphrasing Reverend Sykes after Atticus lost the Robinson case: "Miss Jean Louise, stand up. Ms. Lee's passing." Harper Lee was a woman who famously shunned the spotlight after … Continue reading In Memoriam

Tangled Web, Tangled Life

Simply put, life is in a kind of crazy limbo right now. My husband's been at home on disability since May (he's recovering from a work injury--a bone spur). My son will be having tendon transfer surgery at Shriner's a week from today (his second--he's got bilateral clubfoot). These issues aren't life-threatening, but it's still … Continue reading Tangled Web, Tangled Life