Shamedown 2022: Return of the Shame

Remember Shamedowns? I haven't done any of these posts in a couple of years, but they're coming back for 2022 and just as penitent as ever. For those of you who are new to Taking Up Room and don't know what a Shamedown is, it's simply this: Every year the fine folks at Cinema Shame … Continue reading Shamedown 2022: Return of the Shame

New Year, New Shamedowns

Some of us really are gluttons for punishment. Or something. After eleven doses of shame last year, I'm fixing to do it all again with a new crop of movies. Some of them have been sitting on my Netflix list gathering dust for months, but 2019 will be their year to shine. I may not … Continue reading New Year, New Shamedowns

Shamedown #1: That Night In Rio

So it's come to first Walk of Shame. Platonically speaking, of course... 🙂 If anyone wants to know why this post is called a Shamedown, please visit the fine folks at Cinema Shame. MGM was, of course, the musical powerhouse of the studio era, but it's always interesting to see what the other studios came … Continue reading Shamedown #1: That Night In Rio

Movies Eleven, 2018

When Gill tweeted a bunch of us yesterday about Cinema Shame's 2018 Shame List, I thought the idea was intriguing. Basically, participants would make time to watch films they're ashamed to say they've never seen. I don't know if I'm into the "shame" idea so much, though--I look at this more as an opportunity, and … Continue reading Movies Eleven, 2018