During World War Two: Any Bonds Today?

We all know that during the war bond sales were huge. Reminders to buy war bonds were literally everywhere from magazines to ads to the ending credits of movies to billboards. My hometown paper used the words, "Buy War Bonds" so often that it was practically a design element. Anything that could carry text was … Continue reading During World War Two: Any Bonds Today?

After Happily Ever After

Carole's back, everyone... Carole Lombard was a successful comedienne, but she was not immune to a movie of hers tanking at the box office. That came in the form of 1939's Made For Each Other, which starred Carole opposite James Stewart. Produced by David O. Selznik and directed by John Cromwell, it's an uncomplicated story of … Continue reading After Happily Ever After

Ma and Pa

Once upon a time, there was a king named Clark Gable. He sought a queen to live by his side, and found her in Carole Lombard. She wasn't his first queen, and he wasn't her first king, but they were each other's favorite by far. At least, that's the way most people know them. The … Continue reading Ma and Pa

Forgotten Man, Where Art Thou?

Here we are again. How were everyone's holidays? Did anyone else feel like they just zipped by? Yeah, me too. And yep, the eagle, er, angel has landed. The Great Depression looms large in twentieth-century history. Roughly twenty-five percent of the American public were unemployed in 1933, and farmers in particular found themselves displaced. Bankers … Continue reading Forgotten Man, Where Art Thou?