East Or West, Home Is Best

Lucy Maud Montgomery was no one-hit wonder, but she also had her share of under-the-radar characters, and one of these is Pat Gardiner of the 1933 novel, Pat of Silver Bush and its 1935 sequel, Mistress Pat. While they may not be as talked about nowadays as Montgomery's Anne and Emily series, these books were very personal … Continue reading East Or West, Home Is Best

The Face On the Lunchbox

There have been a lot of famous last words spoken throughout history. John Lennon's aunt famously told him, "A guitar is nice, but you'll never make a living with it." Neville Chamberlain waved the Munich Pact and declared "Peace in our time." The Titanic was called "unsinkable." Then there's this little gem: "I'm telling you, this is … Continue reading The Face On the Lunchbox

Page To Screen: Anne of Green Gables

This is the first installment in my new, semi-regular series, "Page To Screen". I thought it would be interesting to analyze books that have been made into films--what was changed, cut, expanded, whether or not the adaptation was effective, and so on. I wasn't planning on starting with Anne of Green Gables, but you know how life is. It … Continue reading Page To Screen: Anne of Green Gables