Are You Ready To Go Back To Titanic?

Time for more badness... Yep, we're going back to Titanic again, only this time she's not sinking. The 1980 film, Raise the Titanic, which is loosely based on the highly successful Clive Cussler novel of the same name, is a tale of Cold War-era derring-do, a guy named Dirk Pitt, and firm suspension of disbelief. The … Continue reading Are You Ready To Go Back To Titanic?

Erasing Lowell Thomas

Time to regale about Mr. Kennedy, although not as much as I would like to... It's hard to find a more legendary figure in Western history than T.E. Lawrence, and journalist, Lowell Thomas was instrumental in bringing him to the public's attention. He was the first to give Lawrence the name, "Lawrence of Arabia." Thomas … Continue reading Erasing Lowell Thomas

Dinner And A Murder

The dinner-turned-murder-mystery scenario is a pretty durable one, and in some cases it comes off better than in others. 1976's Murder By Death is one of the most memorable in my opinion, and we're going to dive on into it. Murder By Death was written by Neil Simon, and opens, literally, with the opening of a trunk. It's … Continue reading Dinner And A Murder