Shamedown #5: The Wrecking Crew

Another Shamedown, and it's the last day of May. Whoodathunk it, right? If anyone would like to know what this Shamedown business is all about, CinemaShame's Announcement post can be found here. Past 2023 Shamedowns can be found here. Now, off we go... Not to be confused with the 1968 film of the same name … Continue reading Shamedown #5: The Wrecking Crew

Where’s Your Bim Mark?

Some movies have it all. They really do. 1980's The Apple does. *Insert sheepish chortle here* We're just going to jump in, folks. The movie opens in 1994 with a battle of the bands, where literally everyone is wearing lamé, spangles, and garish makeup and surrounded by cardboard triangles covered in tinfoil. It's like Tron had a head-on … Continue reading Where’s Your Bim Mark?

Leslie and Ingrid’s Bargaining Chips

Intermezzo is famous for a couple of reasons. Leslie Howard agreed to play Ashley Wilkes if David O. Selznik would agree to greenlight Intermezzo, plus the film marks Ingrid Bergman's Hollywood debut. As it turned out, the 1939 film was advantageous for everyone, although the movie itself is a quiet one. It opens at the … Continue reading Leslie and Ingrid’s Bargaining Chips

Walk This Way

TIme travel's been done, of course. It's been done to death, Heck, the poor and proverbial dead horse hasn't taken the beating time travel has in terms of how often it's been done in films. The 1964 American International Pictures movie, The Time Travelers did it. Or, more precisely, walked through it. Again and again and … Continue reading Walk This Way

An Embarrassment of Superhero Movies

The Pick My Movie Tag is back, guys, and it won't be the last time this year. This go-round, J-Dub of Dubsism nominated me (thank you, J-Dub!) because backsies are not only acceptable but encouraged. The challenge, should I choose to accept it, is to review a movie everyone likes but I can't stand. While … Continue reading An Embarrassment of Superhero Movies

Announcing the Everything Is Copy Blogathon

Another blogathon! This time we're going to be honoring the Ephron family, who have been involved in various forms of American entertainment for decades. The late Nora Ephron is the one people immediately ask about due to her body of work, which, of course, includes numerous books and essays, not to mention such classic films … Continue reading Announcing the Everything Is Copy Blogathon

During World War Two: Frank Capra

Frank Capra often stood alone. He was an underdog. He had no choice. He was, however, also a teacher of high ideals and human worth, and connected with his audience in ways the more cynical were always surprised at and maybe a little jealous. Born in 1897 in the Sicilian town of Palermo, Italy, Capra … Continue reading During World War Two: Frank Capra

One Month Until the Sixth Broadway Bound Blogathon

It's one month until we go back to Broadway, and I'm so glad people are enthusiastic about our second go-round in less than a year. So far we've got a little bit of everything--musicals, comedies, dramas, a little Ziegfeld, not to mention the 1930s are really popular this year. It's going to be fun, and … Continue reading One Month Until the Sixth Broadway Bound Blogathon

Carmen At MGM

Olá... Like many contract players of the studio era, Carmen Miranda started freelancing once her contract with Fox ended, and after making Copacabana for United Artists, Miranda made two films for MGM, the first of which was 1948's A Date With Judy. The film was a departure for her in some ways and in other ways it was more … Continue reading Carmen At MGM

Stage To Screen: Much Ado About Nothing

One of Shakespeare's most popular plays (and one of my favorites, too), is Much Ado About Nothing. Written in either 1598 or 1599, it's full of biting wit, passionate romance, and manipulation of both the shameful and shameless varieties. While it has a long production history, it has a short filmography. For those who might not be … Continue reading Stage To Screen: Much Ado About Nothing