Shamedown #3: The North Star

Time for a new Shamedown, people, and this one was definitely not what I expected. Before we get into that, though, if anyone would like to know what a Shamedown is, the details can be found at the CinemaShame website, and past Shamedowns can be found here. All righty, here we go... As I said … Continue reading Shamedown #3: The North Star

Announcing the Sixth Broadway Bound Blogathon!

OK, it seems like we just did this, right? Well, yes. Yes, we did. I feel weird announcing our sixth trip to Broadway only six months after our last one, but since those wacky folks at the American Theatre Wing decided to move the Tonys to September in 2020 and then move them back to … Continue reading Announcing the Sixth Broadway Bound Blogathon!

A Tale of Sentinels and Fire

TV's on again, guys... One of my favorite shows in college was The Sentinel, and by far one of my favorite episodes of the series is "Light My Fire," which was originally broadcast on February 5, 1997 as part of the show's second season. I don't think it's the show's best episode, but it has a … Continue reading A Tale of Sentinels and Fire

During World War Two: John Ford

John Martin Feeney seemed born ready for a fight. He didn't start out wanting to direct films but to join the United States Navy, and upon graduation from Portland High School in Maine he applied to the Naval Academy. When Feeney was rejected, he went to Hollywood and worked as an apprentice to his older … Continue reading During World War Two: John Ford

Vampires, Werewolves, and Tags…Oh My

OK, the Pick My Movie Tag has come back to haunt me, and I'm good with that, because people have taken this thing and run with it, which is fun and highly gratifying (Thanks, blogosphere!). Anyway, my friend Sally of 18 Cinema Lane has tapped me in to write about a vampire film made after … Continue reading Vampires, Werewolves, and Tags…Oh My

One Month Until the Seen On the Screen Blogathon

We're getting close, all...are you ready? I'm so glad everyone has gotten into this topic, which is, admittedly, pretty unusual, and I'm curious to see what kinds of stories you've got about the places you've picked and how this works into the film or films you've picked. Thanks everyone who's signed up so far--you all … Continue reading One Month Until the Seen On the Screen Blogathon

The Allure of the Bad Boy

Nice to see Mr. Keaton again... Early sound films can be funny. The stereotype is, of course, that actors had to huddle around a microphone badly hidden or not while punching out their lines with all the sincerity of rain-soaked fence posts. Buster Keaton being Buster Keaton, though, all bets were off, and one of … Continue reading The Allure of the Bad Boy

Service With A Smile

Well, hello, Mr. Kaye... It's no secret that during the Second World War the public were to never quite forget the current situation, and movies that promoted everyone getting in on the fight were especially welcome by the Office of War Information, but I have to wonder how prepared they were for 1944's Up In … Continue reading Service With A Smile

Stage To Screen: Shadowlands

Although he was a literary powerhouse, C.S. Lewis has very seldom been portrayed on the screen as himself (Sorry, Treebeard, although you still kinda count). One of the most major works associated with him is Shadowlands, which mainly focuses on Lewis's life with his wife, Joy Davidman Gresham. For those who aren't familiar with Lewis … Continue reading Stage To Screen: Shadowlands