Supercilious Aliens From Alpha Centauri

Elvis has been getting a lot of well-deserved buzz lately, what with the Baz Luhrmann film being poised to win armloads of awards (see a complete list of nominations and wins here), not to mention the sad, untimely death of Lisa Marie Presley, so it's no shock that a lot of streaming services are running … Continue reading Supercilious Aliens From Alpha Centauri

So Bad It’s Good 2023: Day Three

It's Day Three, all, and we've been having a great time over the past couple of days. I hope I haven't overlooked anyone's posts (my comments section can be like a black hole sometimes), so if you've sent me your post link and it didn't get added I apologize. And if anyone's missed anything here … Continue reading So Bad It’s Good 2023: Day Three