Announcing the Fifth Broadway Bound Blogathon!

Can you believe the Broadway Bound Blogathon is turning FIVE? Oh my word. That’s kind of amazing. A lot of people have been asking me when we’re going down the Great White Way again and here’s our chance.

However, this year our jaunt is happening in September because those wacky folks at the Tony committee decided to move their ceremony to a month when absolutely no other entertainment arena is handing out awards. To each his own, I guess.

For those who are just joining us, the Broadway Bound Blogathon is devoted to celebrating movies that were made about Broadway, movies made from Broadway shows, movies made into Broadway shows, or performers, composers, directors, and producers who worked in both Broadway and Hollywood. Yeah, it’s a big topic, but we like that.

To commemorate the fifth anniversary, we’re going to work in a little twist, so without further ado, here are…

The Rules

  1. Again, posts will be about movies made about Broadway shows, movies made from Broadway shows, Broadway shows made from movies, or performers, producers, composers, etc., who have worked in both Broadway and Hollywood (See a list here. Ignore the strikethroughs).
  2. Participants will have the option of working the number five into their post somehow. The year or the decade a show or movie came out might have a five or multiple of five in it somewhere, or maybe a post could be about five favorite moments, or how much a show made, or what year it won its awards. Or how many awards or nominations a show won. Or maybe it could have something to do with a year a Broadway vet was born, or something in their life that had to do with the number five. Get creative! There are tons of angles. Or, if anyone wants to do a regular post or set of posts, that’s fine, too.
  3. Since there are so many choices, duplicates will be verboten, although different angles on the same topic by different people are fine.
  4. Participants are limited to no more than three posts. Only new material, please.
  5. Please send your posts to me on or around September 23rd through the 25th, either by leaving a comment, via my Contact page, Twitter or Instagram (both @TakingUpRoom), or by e-mail (
  6. Grab a banner and advertise the blogathon!

The Roster

Taking Up Room: Guys and Dolls (1955), Flower Drum Song (1961), The Cobweb (1955)

Realweegiemidget Reviews: Lenny (1974)

A Shroud of Thoughts: How to Succeed In Business Without Really Trying (1967)

Dell On Movies: The Wiz (1974)

Up On the Shelf: Five Films I’d Love To See On Stage

Pale Writer: The Sound of Music (1965)

SIlver Screenings: Seven Brides For Seven Brothers (1954)

The Classic Movie Muse: Carousel (1956)

Crítica Retrô: Cabaret (1972)

Movies Meet Their Match: Into the Woods (2014)

Whimsically Classic: Stage Door (1937)

18 Cinema Lane: Redwood Curtain (play and movie comparison), Anna and the King (1999)

Hamlette’s Soliloquy: State Fair (1945)

Wolffian Classic Movie Digest: Dreamgirls (2006)

The Stop Button: Liza With A ‘Z’ (1972)

The Banners

36 thoughts on “Announcing the Fifth Broadway Bound Blogathon!

  1. This is so fun! I was so excited when I saw this post and just had to devote some days to thinking of a topic. I’ve missed out all other four years, but I am determined to join in for this celebration of your fifth! Can I talk about Into the Woods (2014)? I might try to work the number five in with top five songs or characters…we’ll see.
    Chloe the MovieCritic | Movies Meet Their Match

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  2. Hi Rebecca! Happy to see this blogathon return! I recently watched the Hallmark Hall of Fame movie “Redwood Curtain”. The film is based on a Broadway play that premiered in the early ’90s. For the blogathon, I’d like to write an editorial where I compare the play to the movie. I’d also like to write a review of the 1999 film, ‘Anna and the King’.

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