The Aviation In Film Blogathon Has Arrived


It’s here, guys. Prepare for takeoff…

And yes, I’m going to get in as many aviation puns as I can because how often do any of us get such a perfect chance?

Anyway, here we go with all our great Day One posts…

Gill from Realweegiemidget Reviews kicks things off with 1979’s Hanover Street, starring a very young Harrison Ford.

Ruth from Silver Screenings also hits the ground running with a look at the 1950 Montgomery Clift vehicle, The Big Lift.

J-Dub from Dubsism brings us Andy Griffith as a man accused of draft dodging in the 1958 classic, No Time For Sergeants.

Andrew from The Stop Button has some thoughts on the impending doom in Henry Koster’s No Highway In the Sky.

Shawn from The Everyday Cinephile shows us Houdini flying through the air with the greatest of ease in 1919’s The Grim Game.

Brian from Films From Beyond the Time Barrier reviews the 1964 film, Fate Is the Hunter, which is slightly based on a memoir of the same title by pilot Ernest K. Gann.


Here’s my take on the Young Indiana Jones movie, Attack of the Hawkmen, about the Red Baron and the Lafayette Escadrille.

Keep ’em coming, all! Depending on when you read this, see you tomorrow for Day Two. Thanks, everyone…

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