One Week Until the Aviation In Film Blogathon


One week to go, people. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Time flies.

See what I did there? Again?

Also again, thanks lots to everyone who has signed up, and if anyone would like to join us, feel free! Find all the details here. Can’t believe we only have one week till this thing takes off! Yeah, another aviation pun, but I can’t resist. 🙂

And since planes are so danged cool, here’s a little more inspiration. These guys made it look so easy, didn’t they?

All right, National Classic Movie Day is coming on Monday, and this year the blogging world is sharing lists of their favorite noir films. Hope to see you then…

3 thoughts on “One Week Until the Aviation In Film Blogathon

    1. Hi, Gill, and thanks! Yeah, everything’s good, just crazy. It’s the last regular week of school and everyone has this “Are we there yet?” feeling. Looking forward to this blogathon! xx


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