Odd Or Even Blogathon: Day Three


Happy weekend! Day Three has arrived, and I hope you’re enjoying all these great posts. If you’re coming in late and want to see what you’ve missed, here are Days One and Two. Things are also hopping over at my wonderful co-host, Gill’s blog, where you can see how her Days One and Two stacked up.

And now for more from our wonderful bloggers…


Sally from 18 Cinema Lane has this take on the 1997 Richard Gere film, Red Corner.


Terence from A Shroud Of Thoughts looks at 1967’s The Jokers.

Rachel from Hamlette’s Soliloquy brings us a look at the 1997 Audrey remake, Sabrina.

Andrew from Maniacs and Monsters has some thoughts about 2021’s Antlers.

Paddy Lee from Caftan Woman has a delightful review of a delightful 1928 Marion Davies classic, The Patsy.

Ruth from Silver Screenings looks at that early, early Hitchcock vehicle, 1934’s The Man Who Knew Too Much.

All righty, there you have it. As usual, please keep sending Gill and I your posts and we’ll keep updating the roster. Thanks, everyone, and see you tomorrow for Day Four (what?)…

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