Odd Or Even Blogathon: Day Two


Here we go with Numero Dos, all…are you ready? Hope you’ve been enjoying our posts so far, and if you’ve missed anything, you can find Day One here. Gill’s Day One page is here and Day Two here.

All right, without further ado, here’s our next round of entries…


We’re gonna kick things off with my second and final post for the blogathon: 2016’s My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2.


Scampy from The Spirochaete Trail brings us some thoughts on the 1990 Cher vehicle, Mermaids.

Marianne from Make Mine Film Noir takes us to the dark side with a review of 1950’s The Underworld Story.

The Last Laugh (1924) film still shot
Tactical Popcorn

Mark from What’s That Mark’s Reading?! brings us his take on the iconic 1924 German film, The Last Laugh.

Thanks, everyone, and keep ’em coming! See you tomorrow for Day Three of our four, and have a good one…

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