Seven Days Until the John Williams Blogathon

One week to go, everyone, until the blogging world fêtes Mr. John Williams. Are you ready for this? And have I said thank you to everyone who's signed up? Well, thank you again--you all are awesome. If anyone would like to join us, there are tons and tons of choices, so feel free to leave … Continue reading Seven Days Until the John Williams Blogathon

The Fallout (Yep, There Are A Few Spoilers)

Who else has seen the trailers for The Fallout on YouTube? Well, some of them are more like clips, really, and they're kind of mystifying sans context. The first one I saw has a teenaged girl visiting another teenaged girl. It looks completely casual, except that one girl offers the other a hefty glass of red wine. … Continue reading The Fallout (Yep, There Are A Few Spoilers)

Music Is A Dangerous Business

Performance is a tricky thing. Once upon a time I knew what that was like, which is why I was eager to see the 2019 film, Coda. Not to be confused with the 2021 Coda starring Marlee Matlin, this Coda follows the story of Henry Cole (Patrick Stewart), a famous concert pianist crippled by stage fright after the … Continue reading Music Is A Dangerous Business

One Month Until the Fourth So Bad It’s Good Blogathon

Thirty-one days to go, all. Thirty-one days until we celebrate (or at least show up) your favorite bad movies, your least-favorite bad movies, and bad movies that shouldn't be bad. We've got some doozies this year, too, and thanks muchly to everyone who signed up! Blogathons, like anything else, can be subject to the law … Continue reading One Month Until the Fourth So Bad It’s Good Blogathon

Bigger Fatter, And More Greek

My Big Fat Greek Wedding seemed fine on its own. Oh sure, there was the short-lived, ill-fated TV series, My Big Fat Greek Life, but the characters were at their best in the original film. Still, when a sequel came along in 2016, there didn't seem to be any complainers. I know I sure didn't. How did … Continue reading Bigger Fatter, And More Greek

The Odd Or Even Blogathon Has Arrived!

It's upon us, people: Day One of the Odd Or Even Blogathon. Are y'all ready for this? We have twenty-one bloggers ready to regale the blogosphere with their coin flip-chosen reviews, and it's a wide assortment of film goodness. So yeah, for the next four days, please feel free to send your posts to either … Continue reading The Odd Or Even Blogathon Has Arrived!

Five Reasons To See “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”

We're here, guys... Remember My Big Fat Greek Wedding? Who doesn't, right? The film started life as a one-woman play about Nia Vardalos's experiences growing up Greek in Manitoba, and came to the big screen after Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson saw Vardalos perform in Los Angeles. This was 2002's Little Movie That Could, because how … Continue reading Five Reasons To See “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”

During World War Two: Beginnings

Et voilá, that new series I hinted at last month: We're going to be talking about Hollywood's response to the war and how the war affected movies and radio shows produced during that time. As those of you who have been around Taking Up Room for any length of time have no doubt seen, the nineteen-forties … Continue reading During World War Two: Beginnings

Why I’ve Seen “Since You Went Away” Umpteen Times

Since You Went Away is very well-trod territory for me. I've parsed it, studied it, scoured the Web for information about it. I've even counted the number of times the movie mentions war bonds and stamps (five times and twice, respectively, in case anyone is wondering). For those who might not be familiar with the plot, it follows … Continue reading Why I’ve Seen “Since You Went Away” Umpteen Times

Shamedown #1: The Beautician And the Beast

Shamedown Numero Uno, people. If anyone missed my Shame List post and wants to know what the heck a Shamedown is, please click here. Fran Drescher's brand always seems to be that of the big-haired, nasal-voiced misfit creating her own niche (Who remembers The Nanny? Or that pantyhose commercial?), and what I always liked about … Continue reading Shamedown #1: The Beautician And the Beast

One Week Until the Odd Or Even Blogathon!

We're getting close to the Odd or Even Blogathon, all, and Gill and I are looking forward to reading your posts. Thanks so much to everyone who's signed up--we really appreciate everyone's interest and enthusiasm! Even though this blogathon idea is a little different than most, you all have gotten into it and we like … Continue reading One Week Until the Odd Or Even Blogathon!

Shamedown 2022: Return of the Shame

Remember Shamedowns? I haven't done any of these posts in a couple of years, but they're coming back for 2022 and just as penitent as ever. For those of you who are new to Taking Up Room and don't know what a Shamedown is, it's simply this: Every year the fine folks at Cinema Shame … Continue reading Shamedown 2022: Return of the Shame

Stage To Screen: Fences

Our first Stage To Screen of 2022! Originally I was going to write about The Sign of the Cross because it has an interesting backstory, but at the last minute I decided to switch to Fences because I bought the Blu-ray with some of my Christmas money and I found it very compelling. Fences was written by August … Continue reading Stage To Screen: Fences