The Distraction Blogathon: Wrapup


Welcome back, all! I hope everyone’s enjoyed reading everything. I know I have, and I’m not nearly done yet. Already, though, I’m seeing a pattern: Everyone is distracted by something different, and distractions aren’t always planned or come off well. Still, it’s fun taking the ride, isn’t it?

If anyone is just joining is, this weekend’s posts can be found here.

And if anyone has a late-but-never-unwelcome entry for the blogathon, please feel free to leave me a link on social media or in the Comment section and I’ll be sure to add it.

Last but not least, mention must be made of one of our own, Steve of MovieMovie BlogBlog II, who sadly passed away a couple of months ago. Steve was going to review 1980’s 9 To 5 for this blogathon, and I was curious to see how he was going to work in the whole distraction angle.

Since we’ll never know, I thought I’d include Dolly Parton’s classic song as a tribute to Steve, who got to retire a few months before his death. Rest in peace, buddy. The blogging world will miss you.

All righty, this week is going to be a big one. It’s Conference Week at one of the schools I serve, which means I have to be at my crosswalk three times every day until Friday, and there will be something posting here daily until a week from this Tuesday, including an entry for a surprise blogathon. So yeah, there’s that. At least the week after this one is Thanksgiving Break, and I am going to, as I’ve said before, rest the heck out of it. And maybe make a batch of white bean chicken chili.

Thanks again for your participation in the Distraction Blogathon, everyone! Let’s do this again sometime…

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