Six Things You Might Not Know About “Psycho”

What in the world can that be? We all know 1960's Psycho is Alfred Hitchcock's most infamous movie. Even those who haven't seen the film feel like they have because that shower scene has been parodied and referenced ad nauseum over the past sixty years. Here's a famous example (one of several just in Simpsons … Continue reading Six Things You Might Not Know About “Psycho”

The Distraction Blogathon Has Arrived

OK, so remind me again why we're here? Just kidding. Welcome to the Distraction Blogathon, where, for the next three days, we're going to talk about all the different ways movies mess with us. Throughout this weekend I'll be updating this post with links to your wonderful reviews, so keep checking back. We'll also have … Continue reading The Distraction Blogathon Has Arrived