One Month Until the Fourth Broadway Bound Blogathon


Broadway calls, people. Thirty-one days and counting. We’re off book, our shows are blocked, and things are coming together. In one month the curtain will rise and the show will begin.

And this year we’ve got an awards show to get to, so we’ll also need to get dressed to the nines. Tie those bow ties or don the borrowed Harry Winston jewels if that’s more your speed, and make sure you’ve got that acceptance speech down pat.

Seriously, though, if anyone would like to join us on this trip to Broadway and the Tonys, feel free to leave a comment below or on the the original announcement post here. There’s plenty of room on the stage and the red carpet.

Thanks heaps to everyone who’s joined us so far, too–many of you are longtime Broadway Bound vets, and that’s awesome! I so appreciate everyone’s continued enthusiasm for this topic.

So yeah, depending on when you read this, a new review is coming up in a few minutes. Talk to you all later…

11 thoughts on “One Month Until the Fourth Broadway Bound Blogathon

  1. Hello! I’m not sure if my earlier comment went through. Could I do Kiss Me Kate? I’ve been wanting to see it forever – thanks!

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    1. Hi, Maeve! Yeah, your comment went into the spam folder for some reason. Ah, WordPress. Anyway, sure, it’s yours! Thanks for joining. πŸ™‚ Oh, and I have to ask, what’s the name of your blog or podcast?


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