Reading Rarities: So You Think You’re A Bookworm?

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I love reading. Put me in a library or a bookstore and I will happily stay until I get hungry or it’s closing time, whichever comes first. Who else can relate?

Yep, a lot of people consider themselves bookworms, but according to Joan Hoare there’s more to being a bookworm than meets the eye. Way more. And they all come together in Hoare’s little volume, So You Think You’re a Bookworm? The operative word here is “little” because Hoare understands the needs of the bookworm: Must. Read. All. The. Books.

The Bookworm falls under quite a few headings and subheadings, but we’re only going to take a tiny peek. These are Hoare’s thoughts, not mine, so don’t shoot the messenger, guys. Being a bookworm can be a touchy subject. 😉

The Binger

Huffington Post

We all know the type. We might even be the type. Ready to plow through the latest bestseller or series and not stop until the last page of the last book has been read. Hoare gives Harry Potter fans their own category, but naturally Game of Thrones and Twilight fans fall under this heading as well. Or Narnia readers. Or Anne of Green Gables fans. Any series is fair game. No matter what we’re reading, the binge can be the thing.

The Clubber


Here’s another type of bookworm that merits its own category because book clubs attract all kinds of people. There’s the Person Who Never Says Anything. And the Person Who’s Never Read the Book. Or maybe the Person Who Takes It All So Seriously. The dynamic of one’s club also can vary based on what day of the week they meet on. A Friday club, for instance, is probably more loosey-goosey (and more booze-y) than one that meets on Tuesday.

Personally, I’ve never had the desire to join a book club because my entire college education was a book club. Well, it was a book club with bluebook exams, but it counts, right? Nah, just kidding. Who knows, it might be fun to get into the book club scene someday.

The Abuser

The Telegraph

These are the people who bring books with them everywhere. Like, really everywhere. The tub. The dinner table. Places that aren’t the cleanest. They’re not above leaving unattended books open at the beach, where they could blow away. They may turn pages with sticky or wet fingers. Or they might dog-ear books. We won’t judge, though. Abusers love books so much that they put their heart and soul into their perusal.

The Faker

Women In Revolt

Some bookworms only look like bookworms, and the Faker can be barely detectable. While Fakers have a slight disadvantage compared to their close cousins, the Non-Finishers, a few pointed questions usually tell the story. The tricky thing about the Faker category is that everyone can be a faker to a degree. Sometimes we don’t want people to know we’re straying from our usual bookworm niche, so we take evasive action.

The Reviewer

Daisy Chain Book Reviews

Any bloggers reading this may raise their hands and say, “It me!” because we’ve all done it. The temptation to seek validation for one’s cultural diet is the blogging world’s biggest occupational hazard. Hoare still doesn’t judge, though. Instead, she offers a few helpful tips:

  • Don’t be too gushy or too jaded. Something about the law of diminishing returns.
  • Don’t start fights with authors or anyone on social media because it only makes you look bad.
  • Don’t write fake reviews. It never ends well.

Not Sure Where You Fit? No Problem!

Dean Somerset

Hoare’s got handy-dandy quizzes to help you out, even if you only want to know your degree of bookworm-dom. Does an hour of Netflix seem more appealing than diving into a book? Hoare thinks this means you’re not as much of a bookworm as you might think, although you may really like books. Or are you the type to judge a book by its cover? There’s a quiz for that, too.

Bookworm Etiquette

Literary Hub

One can’t venture into the wide, wide world of the bookworm without an arsenal of do’s and don’ts, and Hoare’s got us covered there. They can be summed up thusly:

  • Be careful about questioning anyone’s committment. To anything.
  • Always return borrowed books.
  • Don’t give spoilers about any book, ever. This is a bookworm’s biggest pet peeve.
  • There’s no such thing as having too many books.

Hoare’s book has few missteps, despite the highly subjective nature of her topic. Some of the quizzes venture into TMI territory and a couple of the illustrations are a wee bit too Freudian, but pages are made to be flipped. So You Think You’re A Bookworm? is a fun homage to the wide, wide world of books and the people who love them.

The Favourite TV Episode Blogathon is coming up Friday. Thanks for reading, all…

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