So Bad It’s Good 2021: Wrapup


We have come to the end of the blogathon, friends, and I hope you’ve all enjoyed this as much as I have. Obviously this would be the space for late posts, but there aren’t any–every single participant got their entries in on time. Woo hoo! If anyone’s missed anything, here are Days One, Two, and Three.

Little FYI before we go on: WordPress seems to be trashing comments or marking them as spam for no good reason, so don’t fret if I haven’t responded to your comments in a timely manner. It’s probably a technical difficulty. I hate to miss anyone’s comments or posts, though, so I’ll do my best to stay on top of all my comment folders. I’ve enjoyed the entries I’ve read so far and look forward to working through all of them.

I’d also like to pile on the thanks. So far 2021 is almost as strange as 2020 was, and the last thing a lot of people want to do is cringe more than they already are. Cringing for fun is a wee bit different, though, and is a strange kind of escape in its own way. Thanks to everyone who participated for helping people get out of the ordinary. You all are awesome. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Coming up in March: 


All right, a new Page To Screen is on the way Wednesday. Thanks again, all, and hope to see you then…

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