Onward, Duplicitous Humies

Who here has seen JourneyQuest? If not, what are you waiting for? Not to be confused with the Colorado rafting company, JourneyQuest premiered in 2010, the brainchild of writers Kate Marshall and Matt Vancil, the latter of whom also directed a few episodes and played a character named Wharrgarbil. The show has caught on in … Continue reading Onward, Duplicitous Humies

This Is My Neighborhood

Does your neighborhood have a Boo Radley house? You know, that abode that no one ever seems to go into or come out of? My childhood neighborhood does. I have been walking past this place for over thirty years and it never changes. It's always been a seventies-era mint green, the yard is always overgrown, … Continue reading This Is My Neighborhood

Announcing the Fourth Broadway Bound Blogathon

Who's up for a trip to Broadway? It's hard to believe that this is our fourth jaunt to the Great White Way, but here we are. In the past this blogathon has always focused on four main categories: Movies made from Broadway shows, Movies about Broadway, Actors, writers, composers, etc. who have worked in both … Continue reading Announcing the Fourth Broadway Bound Blogathon

Five Reasons To See “The General”

Mr. Keaton is back... The General is one of Buster Keaton's most iconic films. Released in 1927, it was mostly filmed in Oregon with great attention to detail, using real Civil War-era locomotives. Keaton directed, produced, and starred in the movie, which didn't have the impact he was hoping for on its first release. The story begins … Continue reading Five Reasons To See “The General”

It’s All About People

It's a great day for the Irish... We all know 2020 was a strange year, not only because it felt like the hits just kept on coming, but how we relate to each other was turned on its head. Certain salespeople would have us believe that being apart is no problem. Just get on Zoom … Continue reading It’s All About People

Be Kind, Rewind

Click... Ah, Red Dwarf. Part Star Trek send-up, part Hitchhiker's Guide To the Galaxy and part sitcom, it's original enough that it's taken on a life of its own since its 1988 debut. It's such a big deal that the Red Dwarf Fan Club holds a convention every year, with cosplay and panel discussions with cast members. There … Continue reading Be Kind, Rewind

Reading Rarities: So You Think You’re A Bookworm?

I love reading. Put me in a library or a bookstore and I will happily stay until I get hungry or it's closing time, whichever comes first. Who else can relate? Yep, a lot of people consider themselves bookworms, but according to Joan Hoare there's more to being a bookworm than meets the eye. Way … Continue reading Reading Rarities: So You Think You’re A Bookworm?

I Just Want To Be Evil

Joan Collins, darlings, and not a swimming pool in sight. As we've talked about before, Hollywood lined up to guest star on the Batman TV show, and one of the favored few was Joan Collins, who played a wily woman known as the Siren. She was fresh off an appearance on Star Trek and not well-known to … Continue reading I Just Want To Be Evil

Stage To Screen: The Taming of the Shrew

The Taming Of the Shrew is just about as infamous as Romeo and Juliet and just as loved, only for different reasons, since the battle of the sexes is catnip for story lovers. It's been adapted almost as much as Romeo and Juliet in various forms, but we'll get to that. If anyone isn't familiar with Shrew's plot, the basic … Continue reading Stage To Screen: The Taming of the Shrew

So Bad It’s Good 2021: Wrapup

We have come to the end of the blogathon, friends, and I hope you've all enjoyed this as much as I have. Obviously this would be the space for late posts, but there aren't any--every single participant got their entries in on time. Woo hoo! If anyone's missed anything, here are Days One, Two, and … Continue reading So Bad It’s Good 2021: Wrapup