Resistance Is Futile

Ah yes, the infamous folks at Asylum just can't be kept down, and everything is mockbuster fodder. Not even Michael Bay's Transformers is safe. Asylum went their 2007 flick, Transmorphers. Yeah. Morphers. Sigh. All the excitement of invading alien robots without excitement (or fun), and without explosions every five minutes. Come to think of it, … Continue reading Resistance Is Futile

So Bad It’s Good 2021: Day Two

We're back! Hope everyone enjoyed yesterday's posts, and now it's time for our second dose of badness. As always, please send me your wonderful entries throughout today and I'll add them as soon as possible. Day One can be found here. Are you ready? Here we go... Michael from Maniacs and Monsters starts us off with … Continue reading So Bad It’s Good 2021: Day Two