One Week Until the Third So Bad It’s Good Blogathon


We’re almost there, folks. Seven days and counting until we flinch at the hilariously hideous, the ludicrously laughable, the cringingly crazy. The Razzies have nada on the So Bad It’s Good Blogathon. Well, they have those shiny statuettes, but we have…passion. Yeah, that’s it. We have scads of passion. 🙂

In my case, there’s also Conference Week. That means the elementary kids at one of the schools I serve are going to be released at different times while the middle school kids are out at their regular time. Soooo, my crossing guard self is going to have to pretty much sit around and wait for them to come out because there won’t be time to go home. They usually do these in November, but COVID got in the way.

I could take my laptop, but finding a place where I can use it will be a challenge, seeing as the library has stowed all its tables and chairs. So have Safeway and Starbucks. Oh, and let’s not forget my son still has school and Zoom meetings, none of which can be done out and about.

Conference Week lasts five days. To paraphrase Michael J. Fox, I’m hoping that by the time this blogathon starts I’m not in a state of functioning dementia. Pray for me, friends.

Anywhoo, if anyone is looking to join us, the details can be found here. There are lots of choices to pick from, so feel free to take the plunge. Thanks to everyone who’s joined so far! Looking forward to reading your posts.

All righty, the We Love Pirates Blogathon is coming up on Monday. As always, thanks for reading, everyone, and see you then…

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