Five Years Later

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Taking Up Room is five years old. Apparently in the blogging world that’s sort of a feat. Oh muh word.

I’m not exactly sure how to commemorate this occasion because 2020 has been so weird, but quite honestly, blogging has been one of the few things that’s felt normal.

Actually, scratch that. I’ve come up with something to mark Taking Up Room’s birthday after all. Since this site wouldn’t be what it is without you, dear readers and friends, I’m going to look back at each year and see what you liked best. So here are your favorites, all with clickable images. Drum roll, please…

2015: What’s Delicious?

Unless you’ve been around for a while, you might not know that Taking Up Room started out as more of a book blog. Here I reviewed Natalie Babbitt’s delightful debut novel, The Search For Delicious. Ever read it? It’s beautiful. It’ll probably make you hungry (If you can’t see the image above, please click here to read the post).

2016: On An Island With You…And Five Movies


The 5 Movies On An Island Blogathon was the first blogathon I ever participated in, and it was a revelation because it introduced me to so many bloggers, a lot of whom have become my friends (Read the post here.).

2017: Judy Garland Lived Here


OK, this article is a no-brainer because lots of people love Judy. It’s one of Taking Up Room’s most popular posts, getting several thousand views a year. What I love about it is that it’s very organic–I still get suggestions on how to make the list more complete. I don’t know if it’ll every really be done and that’s a good thing (Read the post here).

2018: Ma and Pa


Clark Gable and Carole Lombard were, of course, legendary lovers, and it was fun getting to delve into the details of their story. It felt like a real-life fairy tale (Read the post here).

2019: Remembering Rick Elias


Rick Elias isn’t super well-known outside of the Christian music industry and most of his work was behind the scenes, so I’m kind of amazed at the response I’ve gotten here. I guess the post fills a need. What’s really cool is that people have messaged me on Instagram and so on telling me they knew Rick and how he blessed them over the years. Some of them had no idea he passed away. It’s humbling, really (Read the post here).

2020: John Lennon In His Own Write


This one probably isn’t quite fair because the year isn’t technically over yet, but there have been a lot of eyeballs on this Reading Rarities post. Seeing as it’s the year John Lennon would have turned eighty and the fortieth anniversary of his death, it’s no shock. And we all need a little zaniness right now (Read the post here).

I want to thank everyone for reading and commenting on Taking Up Room this year and every year. At the risk of sounding like every COVID-19 ad of 2020, it’s my hope that in these uncertain times it helps to be able to talk to people and bounce ideas around. Posting a GIF to Twitter now and then doesn’t hurt, either, if anyone’s into that sort of thing.

Anyway, I very much appreciate all of you and your support. Here’s to a great (and, God willing, more normal) 2021. Thanks, everyone, and watch this space for a new “Page To Screen,” coming up later today…

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