Broadway Bound 2020: Curtain Call


So. It’s been quite a weekend, guys. Other than the current stuff we’ve all been going through and which I’m not going to elaborate on, the wind knocked out my wifi on Friday afternoon. Then we got the wifi back only to have the wind knock the power out on Saturday. Fortunately these were only brief hiccups, but they just seemed like the cherries and nuts on top of the sundae of crazy.

Besides that, it’s been a great weekend, hasn’t it? I’m still working through all your excellent posts, of course (here are Days One, Two, and Three), and if anyone has something to send me today or otherwise, I’ll be glad to add them to this wrapup.


Speaking of which, here’s Pale Writer‘s review of The Producers.

Thanks a million to everyone who participated! I hope you all enjoy these yearly trips to Broadway–I think they’re a blast. And I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m already turning over ideas for next year, because, God willing, we’re going back.

Okeydokey, hope to see you all on Wednesday, because there’s another blogathon on the horizon. Have a great one…

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