Broadway Bound 2020: Day Two


Day Two, everyone. We had a great time yesterday (find Day One’s posts here), and now we’ve got more to come. So, here we go…


18 Cinema Lane starts us off with the famous tale of romance-by-proxy, Cyrano de Bergerac.


Crítica Retrô goes full Capra with a review of the much-loved You Can’t Take It With You.


Dubsism gets fabulous (in a sporty way, of course) with a look at the recent hit, Kinky Boots.


Tales From the Freakboy Zone has Hairspray for us (the John Travolta version).


Here’s my review of Broadway Melody of 1936the movie that made Eleanor Powell a star.

As usual, I will be adding posts thoughout the day as I’m sent them. You all know the drill, of course. Hope you enjoy…

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