A Little Housekeeping (And One Week To Go)


One week left, bloggers. Time for those last-minute tweaks, then the dress rehearsal, and then curtain. Are you ready?

Or are you looking to join the company? If this is you, we have a mighty big stage and plenty of room, so feel free to comment below. Here are all the details, as well as who’s already signed up. Big thanks to all my wonderful participants! We’re gonna have a blast next week, y’all.

Now for the housekeeping. On June first, WordPress is unveiling its new WordPress Editor, formerly known as the Gutenberg Editor. I’ve tried the beta version of this thing and I’m not a fan. It’s not that I’m against block editors, but I think they work better for sites that aren’t heavy on text. A lot of my fellow WordPress bloggers feel the same way–the most common descriptors are “clunky” and “inefficient.”

Why am I telling you all this? Well, I’m not sure what this change is going to mean for site functionality. Best case scenario, there are no changes, or maybe I have to go reformat some stuff. Worst case scenario, some posts may not work properly. I’m not sure at this point. However, I’m optimistic, and anyway, functionality may be more of an issue with theme changes. We’ll have to see. A seasoned Gutenberg user has offered to let me pick her brain if I have questions about this thing, plus other WPers have told me how they get around the blocks (Thanks in advance–you all rock).

So yeah, the blog should be fine. But if you see anything that looks weird or some images don’t load, please feel free to let me know and I’ll fix it.

Now that that’s out in the blogosphere, here’s what else is happening in June:


If anyone’s interested, here are the folks to see:

June’s a little busy. See you on Wednesday with a new “Page To Screen,” everyone, and thanks for reading…

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