One Month Until The Third Broadway Bound Blogathon


Thirty-one days and counting, people. Thirty-one days until we head back to the Great White Way for a third year of Broadway goodness. I’m glad and appreciative that people are so enthusiastic for this blogathon returning in spite of all the trouble and weirdness we’re dealing with in the world right now. If Broadway is about anything, it’s about transporting people out of the normal and into a fairy tale. We need this. We always need it.

If anyone is coming in later on this and would like to join the party, there’s plenty of room in the theater and we’d love to have you along. Find all the details here, plus some suggested topics. There’s lots to choose from–drama, comedy, musicals, and so on. It’s gonna be a blast. Thanks again to everyone who’s signed up so far, and a warm welcome to those who join now and in the future.

All righty, a new “Stage To Screen” is on the way, and the only clue I’m going to give is, “Laughter through tears is my favorite emotion.”

Eh? I’m sure that rang a bell or two. 😉

Stay safe and well, everyone, and hope to see you tomorrow…

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