The Second So Bad It’s Good Blogathon: Wrapup


Well, friends, we’ve come to the end of the Second So Bad It’s Good Blogathon. Hard to believe, isn’t it? It’s great that everyone is so enthusiastic about this topic even though there’s so much cringe involved. My comment section was crazy busy this weekend. So much so that I’m still working though all through the great posts you all have been sending in this weekend and looking forward to reading the rest of them.

Speaking of more, if anyone has a late entry to share, this is the spot for it, so feel free. It’s all good.

Here’s one now:

Business Insider

You gonna eat your tots? Nostalgic Italian has this look at the 2004 cult film, Napoleon Dynamite.

In writing this wrapup post, I was trying to think of what exactly makes a bad movie so bad it’s good. Beyond the badness being highly subjective, I think part of the reason it happens is that a movie might have mistakes or foibles so obvious that it causes a suspension of the suspense of belief. Does that make sense? We’re too busy gawking (or guffawing) at badly CGI or clunky dialogue that we’re drawn into a world the filmmakers may have never intended. Unless, of course, it’s an Asylum movie, and then it’s always intended. It’s like we’re this limbo between reality and fantasy. Sometimes being stuck there is more fun than other times, but we find ourselves there all the same.

Anyway, we can take this up on another day, because, God willing, there’s going to be a third So Bad It’s Good Blogathon.

Thanks muchly, everyone. You’re all awesome! Hope to see you soon–another review is coming up on Friday…


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