The Second So Bad It’s Good Blogathon Has Arrived!

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It’s time for our closeups, people…our closeups of some of the worst movies ever made, and we’ve got some doozies coming over the next three days, courtesy of my lovely bloggers, some of whom have gotten their posts in early (Thanks, all!). As usual, I will be updating the post throughout the day, so feel free to send me your entries anytime. Ah, I can already see noses wrinkling across the blogosphere.

Ready? *rubs hands wickedly*

It’s A Wonderful Movie

Sally from 18 Cinema Lane kicks things off with her take on the 2011 Hallmark film, The Cabinstarring Lea Thompson and…a guy in a kilt.


Quiggy from The Midnite Drive-In has this fun discourse on Stone Face…er, Sylvester Stallone in Rambo: First Blood Part IIWhat is it with so many sequels being stinkers?


This isn’t Spinal Tap, y’all! Erica from Poppity Talks Classic Film brings the 1980 so-bad-it’s-good cult classic, Stunt Rock.

Roger Ebert

Rich from Wide Screen World brings us this review of the 2014 film, Left BehindIt’s one thing to remake a bad film, but when the redo is even worse, well…


Ruth from Silver Screenings brings us the 1953 monstrosity, Robot Monsterabout an alien robot thingie that wants to wipe out humanity. And yes, the robot has fur.

Scifist 2.0

Le from Crítica Retrô shows us the futuristic world of 1980 in the 1930s musical headscratcher, Just Imagine.


Here’s my review of 1984’s not-so-super Supergirlin which our heroine goes toe to toe with Mommie Dearest.

Keep ’em coming, everyone! Thanks for stopping by, and hope to see you tomorrow for Day Two…

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