The Wizard of Oz Blogathon Has Arrived


We’re in Oz, everyone! You all know what that means…

Without further ado, here’s Day One:


Maddy from Maddy Loves Her Classic Films kicks things off with this very interesting post about the making of the film and her personal memories.


Steve at MovieMovie BlogBlog II: The Sequel shares his thoughts on the “Optimistic Voices.”


Michaela at Love Letters To Old Hollywood brings us her thoughts about why Oz is home away from home.


Emily at The Flapper Dame regales us about Ray Bolger’s delightful Scarecrow. “Oh, joy, rapture!”


Vienna at Vienna’s Classic Hollywood joins the party with this fun round of facts and trivia about Oz.

thewizcastOz goes Motown! Rich at Wide Screen World brings us this fine review of The Wiz.

WDW Magic

Andrew from The Stop Button shares his thoughts on the 1986 film, Return To Oz. There’s a key word to remember with this one, but I won’t ruin it. 😉


Paddy Lee, also known as Caftan Woman, gives out with a profile of Ken Darby, orchestral and vocal arranger on Oz and member of the King’s Men.


I wanna live forever! Gill from Realweegiemidget Reviews tells us about the time the cast of Fame went to Oz.

Glazed and Confused

Terence from A Shroud of Thoughts discusses the impact of Oz on his life and the lives of others.


Up On the Shelf brings us some covers of beloved Oz songs, and there may be a few surprises.

I’ll be adding posts as I receive them. Here’s to a great first day, with more to come…

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