The Wizard of Oz Blogathon: Wrapup

Time to tap those slippers together, people... However, our time in Oz isn't quite over, because I'll be posting any late entries I receive here for your reading pleasure. Speaking of which... Here's MovieCritic from Movies Meet Their Match with a page-to-screen comparison of Baum's book and the film. When I was reading everyone's … Continue reading The Wizard of Oz Blogathon: Wrapup

Politics As Usual

And here's our guy Van... Ah, politics. It's no secret that they're a nasty business. It's also no secret that they can get particularly ugly on social media. What's easy to forget, though, is how much hasn't changed (Side note: Jefferson and Adams were known for some sick burns in their time.). Manipulation, back door … Continue reading Politics As Usual

The Wizard of Oz Blogathon: Day Three

We have come to the third and final day of our blogathon (see Days One and Two here), with lots of new posts about to be revealed. Speaking of revealing, who can forget this scene? Now, without further ado... Quiggy at The Midnite Drive-In starts things off with his personal memories about watching Oz as a … Continue reading The Wizard of Oz Blogathon: Day Three

The Magic Never Ends

Eighty years ago today (can you believe it?), The Wizard of Oz premiered in theaters. The focal point of the movie is of course, a certain pair of ruby red slippers. The number of slippers made for the film is unknown, and at least five pairs still exist. Discovered in one of MGM's storehouses by costumer Kent … Continue reading The Magic Never Ends

Baum the Movie Mogul

Surprise, everyone... Yesterday when I was posting everyone's Day One entries, I realized something: It's not only the eightieth anniversary of The Wizard of Oz, but the hundredth anniversary of L. Frank Baum's death. Obviously, we wouldn't be talking about this classic film right now if it wasn't for this man. Baum was ahead of his time … Continue reading Baum the Movie Mogul

The Wizard of Oz Blogathon: Day Two

Welcome back, everyone! Ready for Day Two? Okeydokey, let's jump right into it (Day One's posts can be found here). Sean Munger looks back on his childhood experiences with Oz, as well as the history of the film. Le from Crítica Retrô examines the Song of the Century, "Over the Rainbow" and how the song came … Continue reading The Wizard of Oz Blogathon: Day Two

The Wizard of Oz Blogathon Has Arrived

We're in Oz, everyone! You all know what that means... Without further ado, here's Day One: Maddy from Maddy Loves Her Classic Films kicks things off with this very interesting post about the making of the film and her personal memories. Steve at MovieMovie BlogBlog II: The Sequel shares his thoughts on the "Optimistic Voices." … Continue reading The Wizard of Oz Blogathon Has Arrived

Announcing the William Goldman Blogathon!

In 2018, film and letters lost the great William Goldman. As far as movies go, he's remembered best for The Princess Bride, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, and All the President's Men, but his filmography also includes such classics as Heat and A Bridge Too Far (See a complete list of films and TV … Continue reading Announcing the William Goldman Blogathon!

Reading Rarities: Atomic Kitchen

August seems to be "Atomic" Month here on Taking Up Room, only this year we're not talking about the atomic bomb. Oh no. In the nineteen-fifties, the term "atomic" could be applied to anything, from cereal to drinks to cars to TVs. Today, however, we're only interested in that haven of culinary concoction and homely … Continue reading Reading Rarities: Atomic Kitchen

Shamedown #7: Thunderbolt

It's time for another Shamedown, and another invitation to pay the Cinema Shame folks a visit if anyone's curious about this whole Shame thing. And now, onward... Last year's Shamedown #7 was my review of the William Wyler documentary, The Memphis Belle, in which he flew several missions with a bomber crew, documenting their reactions and the … Continue reading Shamedown #7: Thunderbolt

I Feel Fine

Nice to see you, Mr. Goldblum... I'm really not surprised that Gill decided to host a Jeff Goldblum Blogathon. We used to have Follow Fridays With Jeff Goldblum on Twitter, where a bunch of us would post Goldblum gifs and wish each other a happy weekend and stuff like that (Goldblumers represent!). I figured it … Continue reading I Feel Fine

The Wizard of Oz Blogathon Is One Week Away

We're almost there, at last, at last! Are you ready? If anyone still wants to join, there's plenty of room on the Yellow Brick Road, so check here for the details. Those of you who have already signed up, thanks so much, and I hope you're ready to go to Oz. Okeydokey, my review of … Continue reading The Wizard of Oz Blogathon Is One Week Away

Dickensian Barrymore

Nice to see the Barrymores again... Before Gone With the Wind or even Selznik International Pictures, David O. Selznik was a producer at MGM. L.B. Mayer had a vendetta against Irving Thalberg's success and respect in Hollywood, so when Thalberg was out ill, Mayer installed several other producers at the studio to take away some of Thalberg's … Continue reading Dickensian Barrymore

Page To Screen: Julie & Julia

It's been ten years since Nora Ephron's swan song, Julie and Julia. It was an ambitious film for her and it also wasn't, because it features expected and loved Ephron trademarks of witty dialogue and deft character development. What's unusual for the Ephron canon is that Julie and Julia juxtaposes the lives of two unique … Continue reading Page To Screen: Julie & Julia

Quintessential Pickford

Silent movies have really been growing on me lately. I'm always glad to find more of them, even though I don't always know what to look for and am still unfamiliar with many of the actors and crew. One silent-era player who's definitely not a mystery is Mary Pickford. To say this lady was and … Continue reading Quintessential Pickford