Broadway Bound 2019: Day Two


We’ve had a stellar opener (see Day One here), and now to continue the festivities. Off we go, Broadway lovers…

The Telegraph

Love Letters To Old Hollywood starts us off again with a review of 1955’s The Seven Year Itch. Yes, that’s the one where Marilyn’s dress goes floof.


18 Cinema Lane brings on the 1940 film, Little Nellie Kellyin which (spoiler alert!) Judy Garland played her one and only death scene.


Bonjour, Paris! Crimson Kimono takes us to the City of Light in 1957’s Funny FaceFeaturing Audrey, Fred, Kay, and George, it is le package total.

Caftan Woman

Caftan Woman invites us to come to Concordia with her review of the Tony Award winner, Romanoff and Juliet.


Use the Think System! Dubsism finds the sports analogies in the 1962 rouser, The Music Man.


Diary of A Movie Maniac brings us the wonderful Lee Remick and Rod Steiger in 1968’s No Way To Treat A Lady.


Here’s my second biopic, 1946’s Night and Day, about the life of Cole Porter. Sorta.

Got some awesome stuff here, and there’s more to come, of course. Day Three is on the horizon…

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