So Bad It’s Good: Wrapup and A Little Housekeeping


Wow, all, it’s been a weird, wonderful weekend full of some lovably terrible (or just terrible) movies. I’ve read through about half of all our contributions, and I’m looking forward to seeing the rest. Here are Day One, Day Two, and Day Three for those who are catching up, or who maybe want to revisit some of the badness. If anyone has any late posts, I will include them here.

Speaking of which…


In the Good Old Days of Classic Hollywood brings us this review of the 1979 TV movie, Strangers: The Story of a Mother And Daughter, which shows how a really great actress can make a flawed movie look good.

Hope everyone’s enjoyed themselves, and I appreciate all the enthusiasm! Sometimes a little bit of snark can relieve the feelings. 😉

Thanks heaps to everyone who participated! Let’s do it again sometime (maybe with fewer bad movies).

Now on to the next order of business.

This weekend an artist named Julia Hutchinson approached me and asked if I would give her a shout-out. She’s a comic book illustrator, and her work is adorable, falling between Funko and anime. Julia is mounting a Kickstarter campaign to produce enamel pins and stickers of silent film stars such as Buster Keaton, Rudolph Valentino, and Mary Pickford. If anyone’s interested, her website with the Kickstarter link can be found here.

That said, I want to state that I’m not going to start promoting Kickstarter campaigns and the like. I’ve heard content creators can get deluged with that stuff, and researching every offer to see if it’s legit is not how I want to spend my time. Plus it feels odd. I’m only helping out Julia because I already said I would, but endorsements aren’t going to be a thing. I’ve updated my About page to reflect that.

Moving on to the housekeeping…

March is going to be a light month, blogathon-wise, but there’s still going to be fun ahead. Here’s a small peek at what’s coming up:


If anyone is interested, please see these fine ladies:

OK, thanks again to all who participated in the So Bad It’s Good Blogathon! Another “Stage To Screen” is coming up in about a week, and it’s going to be a zany one. See you next time…

10 thoughts on “So Bad It’s Good: Wrapup and A Little Housekeeping

      1. The “Cat” one is the most fun, because it’s wide open…just look at the entries for the “Surprise” option.

        The M. Emmet Walsh one is struggling for participants, which is really a shock to me. Nobody wants “Blood Simple?” There’s two great sports movies in his filmography, but you’ll see why anybody who know me knows why I have no choice but do “Fletch.”

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yeah, I saw that. I think I found one, though–“The Cat and the Canary.” Apparently it has cat paws coming through walls at a midnight will-reading. I’m not sure where the canary fits in, though.


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