So Bad It’s Good: Day the Third


We have come to the last day of the So Bad It’s Good Blogathon, and we’ve got some great entries about some truly awful movies. No, really. They’re bad.

Here are Day One and Day Two if anyone missed them.

And without further suspense, let’s get right to it. 😉

Slash Film

For The Midnite Drive-In‘s third and final entry, we have Lucasfilm’s colossal flop, 1986’s Howard the Duck.


Cinema Catharsis takes on the 1964 film, Two Thousand Maniacs!, a harrowing tale of a sadistic Southern town.


Thoughts All Sorts brings us the 2014 so-bad-it’s-good Northmen: A Viking Saga, featuring Vikings stranded in Scotland. Variety called it “respectable,” oddly enough.


Ah, sequels! 18 Cinema Lane reviews 1989’s All Dogs Go To Heaven 2. There’s a reason lightning doesn’t usually strike twice in the same spot.


Moon In Gemini gives us this take on the 1964 film, The Carpetbaggers, starring George Peppard as a playboy-turned-bigwig and Carroll Baker as a Marilyn Monroe lookalike.


Here’s my third post of this blogathon, and, well, I saved the best (worst) for last: Attack of the Killer Tomatoes (1978).

As usual, I will be adding more posts throughout the day, and there will be a wrapup tomorrow. Have fun, all. *wicked chuckle*

4 thoughts on “So Bad It’s Good: Day the Third

  1. Thanks for letting me participate in the blogathon! While reading the excerpt about my entry, I noticed that the year of the film says 1986. All Dogs Go to Heaven 2 was released in 1996. The first film was released in 1989.

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