The So Bad It’s Good Blogathon Has Arrived!


Time to behold the worst of the worst, guys! Several of you hit the ground running and sent your posts in early, so kudos and thanks muchly. I’m looking forward to see what everyone else has got for us too, so here’s to three days of pulled faces, guffaws, and belly groans. Without further ado…


MovieRob kicks things off with this look at Midnight Madness (1980), featuring a pre-Family Ties Michael J. Fox.


Movie Movie Blog Blog II brings us Raquel Welch in 1989’s Trouble In Paradise, where she plays a widow who hates to fly. Any guesses as to what happens next?

The Carolina Theatre

Realweegiemidget Reviews delivers some world-class grimaces at The Medusa Touch (1978), a sci-fi story about a novelist with telekinetic powers.
E! News

Can’t have a bad movie fest without 1936’s Reefer Madness, and The Midnite Drive-In takes us there.


Silver Screenings details the 1959 film, Teenagers From Outer Space, a tale of intergalactic love, sinister plots, and…giant lobsters?

Eric D. Snider

Mike’s Take On the Movies takes on the 1980 flick, Hawk the Slayer, featuring Jack Palance in what sorta looks like half a Darth Vader mask.


Crítica Retrô brings us this review of the 1938 film, The Terror of Tiny TownSpoiler alert: It has everything.


Here’s my assessment of the 2011 Lifetime offering, William and Kate, where royalty goes B-movie.

Thanks everyone. Keep ’em coming!

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