The So Bad It’s Good Blogathon Is One Month Away


One month until the blogging world parades their chosen worst of the worst films. The movies may not be pretty, but the snark will be gorgeous. Have you signed up yet? Do you dare? *wicked chuckle* 😉

Thanks heaps to those who have joined so far–I’m so glad people are into this! Those who want to latch on can check out the particulars here.

All righty, the Robots In Film Blogathon is coming at us on Friday! Hope to see you then…

2 thoughts on “The So Bad It’s Good Blogathon Is One Month Away

  1. I’m getting back into the blog since birthing a small child about six months ago and funnily enough the next film that William Powell made was 1926’s ‘Faint Perfume’. By all accounts it was a total biffer so could I add this one to you list of entries please? 😺👍😘

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