The Not-So-Terrible Twos


Here’s this year’s cake. I have no idea what flavor it is, but the M&Ms are fun.

Things have changed quite a bit since my last birthday post. For instance, the 2017 me thought twenty-two blogathons was a “whopping” amount.

2018 me laughs uproariously at 2017’s naïveté, because as of this writing, I’ve participated in 43 blogathons this year. 43And I have another three coming up before my vacay. Zoikes. Maybe next year I won’t bother counting.

Can I just say that hosting blogathons is a blast? The Broadway Bound Blogathon is so coming back next year, and I’ve got a bunch of other ideas lined up. It may be hard to wait until I can announce them, but I’m not going to drop any hints in case some of you get ideas. All I’ll say is that they’ll be rather timely.

I think one of my favorite things about blogging and the blogging world in general is all the learning that goes on. I hope people are learning from my blog, and I enjoy learning from other people’s blogs and from talking to bloggers (Shout out to my Goldblumer crew!). It’s a fellowship in more ways than one.

Not only that, but I’ve noticed I look at media differently. Instead of just consuming it, I now think about what it takes to present it–what works, what doesn’t, the general process. More often than not, I find myself scrutinizing a site’s flow and accessibility. It’s funny, because my husband’s the software engineer, and I just dabble in site creation.

And it creeps into all aspects of my life now. I remember sitting in church one Sunday, and during the sermon the drummer from the praise band tiptoed onstage and took a couple of photos of my lead pastor. I thought, “Ah, the website must need updating.” A few years ago, I would have stopped at, “Oh, he’s taking pictures.”

Does that sound weird? Can anyone else relate?

Anyway, it’s been a great year. I can’t thank everyone enough for all their kind comments and support. It means more than you know. Here’s to 2018, and bring on 2019! Cheers!

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